LIFECAMP workshops, forums, and retreats equip leaders to be capable and confident leaders – prepared to amplify the growth of people, teams, and organizations – in times of non-stop change.

Our fast start approach blends engaging instruction, self-discovery, experiential learning, peer interaction, practical examples, and – always – fun. Participants gain relevant skills that they’re ready to put into practice in real time. We customize programs to enhance the effectiveness of leaders, based on their level of experience and growth opportunities. Formats include: in-person, virtual, and hybrid learning.

The Connections Course — Registration now open!

What would a life you love look like?

Are you looking for a way to unlock your potential and achieve lasting personal and professional transformation? LIFECAMP’S Connections Course provides powerful tools and insights to help you understand yourself better, set meaningful goals, and create lasting change in your life. Through interactive activities and exercises, our program equips you with skills to become a better version of yourself and take your life to the next level.

Leadership Academy Levels


For new leaders transitioning as first-time leaders of a team


For rising leaders expanding scope of responsibility to multiple teams


For seasoned leaders of functions and organizations

Leader Assessments

LIFECAMP certified facilitators offer a variety of leader assessments to identify strengths, blind spots, and development opportunities. These include Emotional Intelligence, DiSC®, CliftonStrengths, Hogan, Myers-Briggs®, 360 interviews, and more.

Workshops and Seminars

The LIFECAMP team designs a tailored development program to achieve client goals, with course work offered in:

Leading Others

Cultivating trust, building high-performing teams

Emotional Intelligence

Leading with empathy, understanding, and a spirit of service

Leading Transformation

Stages of change, growth mindset, managing resistance, evolving culture

Critical Thinking

Ideation, analysis, problem-solving, conscious decision-making

Effective Communications

Listening, influencing, interpersonal effectiveness, presentation skills

Difficult Conversations

Giving and receiving feedback, how to productively confront and resolve conflict, controlling emotions

Performance Management

Setting expectations, observing and recognizing performance, managing accountability, coaching for development

Priority Leadership

Time management, effective delegation, organizing resources, managing meetings, overcoming procrastination, getting things done

Business Professionalism

Essential communications skills, powerful first impressions, meeting etiquette, personal brand

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