Who We Are

LIFECAMP Co-founders – and brother-sister team — Jose Sanchez and Rosario Sanchez-Ledesma – “Joe and Ro” — have a passion for developing people – from Gen Z to Boomers. With an innate growth mindset, they believe in abundance. Their mission to create a better world is inspired by the courage, perseverance, integrity, and work ethic they learned from their parents as first-generation Americans. The life journey of Jose and Rosario is a track record of accomplishments in corporate, governmental, and nonprofit leadership; executive coaching; and entrepreneurial success.

The LIFECAMP team includes respected professionals who are experts in executive coaching, organizational development, and business strategy.

Our Team

Rosario Sanchez-Ledesma

People and performance accelerator

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People and performance accelerator:

Rosario is known for cultivating growth in leaders, from Gen Z to Baby Boomers, igniting positive organizational and culture change in businesses and nonprofits. Diversity advocate: As a skilled bilingual facilitator, she is an intuitive and natural diplomat with extensive experience building bonds of respect, trust, collaboration, and unity within and among teams.

Experienced Positive Intelligence leader:

A gifted executive coach, Rosario partners with professionals to help them uncover, believe in, and live into their talents. She teaches people to strengthen their Sage and quiet their Saboteurs.

Business executive:

As the top leader in multiple organizations, Rosario has earned a reputation for accelerating bottom-line growth of organizations across varied sectors – from business strategy coach for entrepreneurs in Fortune 100 financial services companies, to school principal responsible for leading a college preparatory middle school to high performance, to well-respected leader in government and non-profit sectors.

Notable honors and certifications:

Rosario has been recognized as a Milwaukee Business Journal “Woman of Influence” and as a “40 Under 40” rising leader. She is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and a certified interpreter and translator who has worked internationally to build bridges of communication, understanding and collaboration.

Jose Sanchez

Passionate Servant Leader and Trainer

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Passionate servant leader:

Motivated to be a changemaker for people to live the life they imagine, Jose largely attributes his success to his passion for serving others.

Seasoned coach:

Jose finds purpose in being a positive influence on thousands of people, inspiring them to make the most of their personal and professional potential. As a certified transformational trainer and speaker, Jose strives to make a difference in the world by bringing out the best in people. His personal development training experience spans more than a decade with acclaimed companies including Anthony Robbins Coaching; Heroes Quest with Dr. Ray Blanchard; and Zarvos Coaching and Consulting.

Entrepreneur and team-builder:

Jose knows the meaning of grit – the passion and persistence required to build a business. He’s the founder and owner of Sanchez Painting Contractors, Inc., a thriving multi-million-dollar specialty contractor in commercial, institutional, and industrial construction established in 1996 in his hometown of Milwaukee, Wis. In the spirit of being a multiplier, he volunteers with local and national business development agencies to assist start-up companies with technical expertise and leadership training for extraordinary performance.

Dr. Ray Blanchard

Master Trainer

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Dr. Ray Blanchard is a master transformational trainer with global acclaim. Formally trained in psychology and philosophy, he has been a major player in designing and delivering top tier training and crafting the personal development industry in the United States, Asia, and South America over the last 40 years. His commitment is to distinguish the human factors and ethical principles that generate maximum individual performance and how to live an extraordinary life.

Ray has personally trained over 300,000 participants worldwide and developed over 300 trainers, positively impacting over 2 million students. He is recognized for his contribution to humanity’s evolution by being selected to the acclaimed Transformational Leadership Council (www.TransformationalLeadershipCouncil.com) and the Association of Transformational Leaders (www.ATLSoCal.org).

A producer of conscious media, Ray is the Co-Executive Producer of two movies on transformational living, “The Answer to Absolutely Everything,” and “Consider This”. He is also a contributing author of the #1 Bestselling book, “The Art and Science of Success” and has a cameo role in Barbara Marx Hubbard’s “American Visionary” movie biography. He is the principal owner and producer of the body of inspirational work on the heroes’ journey called The Heroes Quest (www.TheHeroesQuest.com) and is knighted in the renowned Order of St. John.

Nessa Damro

Associate Project Manager

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As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Vennessa is on a mission to empower individuals to unlock their full potential and realize their dreams.

“Nessa” has a rich background encompassing diverse experience as an operations leader, project manager, trainer, and coach in the corporate, real estate, and healthcare sectors.  Her journey is marked by a deep commitment to personal growth, empathy, and strategic guidance. 

Beyond her coaching practice, Nessa is a passionate advocate for lifelong learning and continuous development. She remains at the forefront of coaching methodologies and trends, ensuring her clients receive the most effective support on their journey to success.

Daniel Paraszkay


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Daniel Paraszkay is a transformational trainer, owner of Life Design Education and co-founder of Spectrum Life Design Headquarters. Daniel took his first course in transformation when he was 18 and his life has been an adventure of discovery and fulfillment in the work of transformation ever since.

He graduated from the renowned Trainer Forum and Trainer Internship Program under the direction and guidance of highly esteemed Trainers Bettie Spriull and Dr. Ray Blanchard, his colleagues and mentors of over 30 years. Daniel has traveled the globe as one of the lead trainers for Life Design Education Center and has led Advanced Level Training in China. Daniel’s passion and commitment lie in helping people reconnect with their authentic selves, live a free and fully expressed life, and truly understand that they matter.

What Makes Us Tick

Our Mission

We educate, motivate, and inspire people for leadership and service.

Our Vision

We’re a community of compassionate and giving people who create lasting positive impact.

Guided by Our Values


Living with mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and mental fitness to reconnect with one’s essence


Standing up for what’s right because people matter


Taking risks, fueled by confidence and determination


Living into a love for possibility made manifest through individual expression and expansion